Sunday, November 30, 2008

My First Ever Whole Fish

Vince and Cristina initiated me into a completely new culinary realm this weekend. The cooking of a whole fish. The experience was pretty funny (the pictures below will tell that story).

Unfortunately, I can't really share any wisdom on how to do it because all I really did was observe. Although I did learn from Cristina that when you're choosing a fish, you should try to find one with very red gills and no clouding in the eyes.

Preparation seemed to involve a careful cleaning, some oil, spice, and onion both inside and on the fish, and finally baking at 400.

The end result was really delicious, but pretty laborious to eat. There seemed to be a lot more inedible carcass than meat.


coda said...

Thanks for the post Claire! I would just like to add that the fish is a Red Bandit and we bought it in Chinatown for a mere $5.00! Delicioso.

c-licious said...

I can't believe a close up of a dead fish is replacing my cute nephew as the headliner. Still, an impressive feat... :)

claire said...

It's true. It's a bit of a shocking visual, but I couldn't resist posting it. Vince was having way to much fun with it. These are only a sampling of that photos we took that night.