Sunday, November 29, 2009

La Comida at the Commodore

Behold! Vancouver's best venue to see live music: The Commodore Ballroom. We've all seen some fantastic shows here, but did you also know that it is a fantastic place to grab dinner? It's true. My beau and I have now done this twice, and nothing says "living the swanky life" like ordering a meal in that beautiful space, indulging, and then sitting back to enjoy the tunes. It's kind of like what dinner theatre would be if it all ended up tasteful and appealing instead of creepy. What's more, the meal is incentive to come early and get a good place to sit.

"Sure," you're saying, "but who wants to eat onions rings and nachos for dinner?" Well, lots of us, but that's not the point. The point is that their menu is pretty impressive! Lots of good stuff for the carnivores, and for us flex-i-tarians we ordered the following:

1. A local wild-mushroom and corn ragout on "brioche perdu" (which is toast. delicious toast.) in a mild cream sauce. YUMMY! $10. No joke.

2. Pan-seared gnocchi with sage, spiced pumpkin, pine nuts and arugula. Personally I feel the texture of the arugula interfered with the overall experience of this dish, so it doesn't get full points, but still! Very good. $11.

In sum, don't forget to include dinner at the Commodore as part of your next concert experience. A treat for so many of your senses.

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coda said...

I love the idea of sharing some of the places we go for good eats around the city, Catherine! I never would have thought of the Commodore but now I will see it in a whole new light (great photo!).