Thursday, August 20, 2009

Discovering Tarragon

My camera may be broken (so no photos here), but my heart is full of love...for tarragon. Where has it been all my life?? Last week at a workplace potluck/baby-shower, a colleague brought a plate of gorgeous pitas stuffed with deliciousness...I couldn't stop stuffing my face and asked him: WHAT IS THAT FLAVOUR? You guessed it, it was tarragon. I had heard of it, but realized I have never really gotten to know it. Tarragon, you shall be mine, I decided.

Tonight I made a mini-picnic for an old friend, and made up a recipe in my head: cooked yams (in chunks) sauteed with olive oil, fresh tarragon, green onion and salt. This sounded so good to me, that first I went to the Capers Deli to see if they had any, I just assumed that something like this must already exist. They didn't, so I guess I'm about to make a lot of money selling them the idea (no poachers!). Anyway, I found something almost just like my yam-tarragon fantasy online, felt affirmed, and sure enough, tarragon did not disappoint.

I will definitely be continuing to pursue adventures with tarragon, right after I smoke this cigarette.

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claire said...

This reminds me of that episode of the Simpsons that you always tell me about where Marge looks at a spice rack of more than 6 spices and is convinced there must be duplicates. Ori-GANO? Haha.

It's true, though, I don't use tarragon that much either. It's also thyme, basil, and rosemary. After this post, though, I vow to change that!