Sunday, September 9, 2007

Late Summer Berry Picking

Today, Rochelle and I ventured over to Kerrisdale to see if there were any blackberries left along the tracks. Well, there were some, not many but some.

We learned that the blackberry picking is not the for the faint of heart or for the "afraid of thorns." And I learned that picking berries in shorts and a t-shirt is a bad idea. All the same, the scratches and gouges I braved will probably make the berries that much sweeter.

For her part, Rochelle exhibited her typical bravery and determination, picking long after I'd called it quits and sat on the tracks. She did get stuck in the bushes at one point, though. And I'm very proud to say that not only was I there to rescue her, but I had the presence of mind to film my heroism.

The berries are in my freezer now, waiting for some culinary inspiration. So far, I haven't decided what I'll do with them: pie, cobbler, muffins, salad? Not sure. Anyone have any suggestions? Yeah, you. My readership of one. What do you think?


c-licious said...

Food lover AND rescue-er of stranded women in the brambles...? You really do make the world a better place, Claire!

I voted for cobbler, but I was also thinking the Mennonite "platz" or "pershky" would be good. Like the apple stuff, but try with blackberries. It would really be a first.

Anonymous said...

Pershky is brilliant! Let's do it.

Meg Whetung said...

Mmm, I can't believe I've still never been berry picking in the city!

I voted for pie, but my very favourite blackberry thing is a sauce my mom used to make and pour over pancakes. I think it was mostly just blackberries and sugar, maybe some citrus zest, but boiled down it got all thick and sweet and delicious. And the best part is the colour it turns the pancakes when it soaks into them – kind of hot pink.

Leeeeesha said...

Claire, I hope you don't mind me crashing your blog party, but Meg just told me about it and I felt a sudden urge to comment.

I recently went blackberry picking with my friend out in Burnaby and had the same thorny experience as you! I was wearing a long, full tiered skirt and a tank top, which was not a good choice of outfit, as you can imagine.

With our blackberries, we made a homemade pie, and it was delicious.

catherine w. said...

Although this whole "pershky" business sounds intriguing, i respectfully think that pie is definitely the way forward. Mainly because your blackberry pie rocks my world. this is despite the seeds. and seeds are usually not my friend.

- catherine

PS: Have you considered posting restaurant reviews? just a suggestion...

claire said...

Wow, who knew that people would actually read this thing and respond! What a rush...

Anyhow, thanks for all the suggestions. Meg, the pancake idea sounds really delightful. I could make the this for my faithful brunch group maybe.

And Alisha, now that I know who you are, I can confidently say welcome to my blog. Crash, schmash. Glad to hear I'm not the only berry-picking newbie to dress inappropriately.

And Catherine, shucks, thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm glad you remember that pie because I sure do!