Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Two Chefs and a Table (for 6 at Brunch)

Catherine's post about the Commodore inspired me to share another great find for excellent quality and reasonably priced food in the city. Two Chefs and a Table is a restaurant located just east of Gastown in the Downtown Eastside, an unsuspecting location for a restaurant like this which I think is the big reason they don't have lines out the door for weekend brunch. They do brunch, lunch and a prix fixe dinner that is usually paired with wine. I've never had dinner there (though I'm dying to!) but I can speak very highly of the brunch and I think Claire will agree.

We went there a couple of weekends ago when Heather was in town. For $10 bucks you can get an asparagus risotto with a poached egg, grilled heirloom tomatoes and crisped prosciutto on top (you can ask them to hold the meat if you wish). It's delish! You get to watch the chefs cook (yes, there are only two) and the atmosphere is at once classy and casual. I don't think it will be long until the secret's out!

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Susan said...

Mmmmm... this sounds like something to check out. Thanks for the idea.