Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sunny Sangria

Wow. I cannot stop making this stuff. And you can see why...yes, I see you now running to your fridge for ingredients, eager to join in on the bliss! But what ARE the ingredients for this luscious summer refreshment? It's the simplest sangria imaginable and I can tell you all about it in mere moments:

*a couple limes
*some low-quality red wine (preferably chilled)
*club soda (also chilled)
*an ice-cube or two

Squeeze a bunch of the limes and add sugar to the juice until you think it tastes pretty good. Pour some of that yummyness into a wine glass. Add a respectable amount of the wine. Top it off with club soda. Don't worry too much about the proportions, you really can't screw this one up, it's so good. But I generally go with about 1/4 lime, 1/2 wine, 1/4 club soda. Toss an ice cube into that bad boy and you're good to go. Viva summer!

Creative tip: If you add enough sugar to the lime juice to make it a bit on the thick side, and then add the wine too it really slowly, you might manage to make it layer, which looks gorgeous.

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Meg Whetung said...

mmm, I totally have to try this. I always think of sangria as a make-ahead thing... this sounds like perfect summer laziness, yay.